Monument Valley Ida’s Dream to Go Free Across All Platforms on June 25


Ustwo’s Director of Games Neil McFarland has told TechCrunch that even though the original Ida’s Dream expansion for Monument Valley was made available as an in-app purchase, a new Ida’s Dream release will offer the same levels to all Monument Valley players complete free, across all mobile platforms on June 25. “We feel everyone should be able to enjoy the full experience of Monument Valley, which includes Ida’s Dream”, said McFarland.

“This is content that people haven’t been able to get, or just missed out on, and it’s just really good that we’re completing it now for the majority of players,” McFarland explained. “Now everyone is going to have access to the entire chapter library of the game which we’re really excited about.”

Ustwo’s Monument Valley was ranked as one of the best mobile games of last year, and likely ranks among the better titles of all time as well. McFarland added that the game studio is focusing on future games and upcoming experiences like the virtual reality story adventure experience Land’s End, which is set to make its debut later this year on Gear VR. Another game planned for mobile devices “with a more traditional 2D touchscreen-based design” is also already in the works and is due out sometime next year, McFarland added.


So far, Monument Valley has accumulated a total of nearly 4 million downloads since its launch, across all platforms including iOS, Google, Amazon and Windows.