Apple Watch Pixels Go under the Microscope [PICS]

We’ve already seen the iPhone’s pixels, so now that the Apple Watch is out in the wild, Bryan Jones (vis 9to5Mac) has decided it is time for it to go under the microscope. He armed himself with an Olympus stereomicroscope and an old Canon 1D Mk III camera and started the magnifying test.

As you can see from the image below, the Apple Watch pixels look very different from the iPhone pixels, as Apple uses an AMOLED display for the wearable. While the iPhone pixels are aligned vertically and are tightly packed together, the Apple Watch uses a completely different technology: The blue pixels, he says, act as spacers for the stacked red and green sub-pixels.


The actual pixel imaging sites are quite small compared to the iPhone, which may have to do with reducing the current load in a device that is very power sensitive, he speculates.

iPhone 6 pixels

iPhone 6 pixels

Also, there is plenty of black space around the actual sub-pixels, which help produce the excellent contrast ratios of the Apple Watch.

Jones’ blog post is worth a read if you are looking for more information about the Apple Watch display. For detailed information and a great analysis of the Apple Watch display, you can read Dr. Raymond Soneira’s in-depth report.