Apple Airs New Apple Watch Ads: ‘Berlin’, ‘Beijing’, ‘Closer’, ‘Goals’ [VIDEO]

Apple has aired four new Apple Watch ads, showcasing real-life scenarios on how the smartwatch can make life easier.

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One ad showcases Beijing, which seemingly targets China and ‘kowtows’ to their largest and fastest customer base, while the ad ‘Berlin’ also features two Chinese tourists visiting the German capital.

‘Goals’ showcases how Apple Watch can help you meet your fitness goals, while ‘Closer’ shows some ways the watch can help new parents. Check out the ads below:

Berlin – For exploring new places like never before, the Watch is here.

Beijing – For the trip of a lifetime, the Watch is here.

Goals – For setting goals and sticking with them, the Watch is here.

Closer – For all the ups and downs of parenthood, the Watch is here.

What do you think of these new Apple Watch ads?