Samsung Mocks iPhone Vibration Alerts in Galaxy S6 Edge Ad [VIDEO]

Samsung continues to market their new Galaxy S6 Edge by touting the incredible feature of its ‘Edge Lighting’, which displays notifications to users by flashing various colours.

Its latest ad takes a jab at the noisy vibration alerts from the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones. The buzzing sounds from competitors make up the chant to the song Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam, which we all know from sporting events that is usually directed at the losing team. This is Samsung’s indirect message to say if you don’t have Edge Lighting, you’re a loser, right?

Check out the ad below:

YouTube video

The ad is just another in the series to mock iPhone and other smartphone users as “checkers” of notifications, like this previous one:

YouTube video

Of course, we can thank YouTube commenters (the scariest people on the planet) for summarizing Samsung’s hypocritical ad campaign:

Screenshot 2015-07-16 08.00.29

What do you think of these ads?