Toronto’s ‘ZNAPS’ Magnetic Mobile Adapter Raises $579,000 on Kickstarter


If you’ve had the opportunity to use the MacBook’s MagSafe connector or the Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable, you already know how convenient a magnetic power connector can be, compared to the iPhone’s charging method. Fortunately, Toronto-based company ZNAPS has come up with a solution that brings that convenience to both the iPhone and Android phones.

ZNAPS is a simple and nicely designed solution that transforms your charging cable, using a pair of simple adapters that plug into the Lightning or microUSB port on the bottom of the mobile device and to the end of the cable. As soon as you put those two adapters in place, the next step is to “snap and charge” or “snap and sync” without looking.

ZNAPS seems to bring a welcome upgrade to the iPhone and Android devices, but you’ll have to wait a “bit” until it becomes available. ZNAPS’ founders turned to Kickstarter to raise $120,000 to help them put the adapter into production.

The campaign was so successful that ZNAPS reached its goal in just a couple of days, and as of the writing of this article, it has raised more than a half-million dollars.

Those interested in having MagSafe-like charging technology for their iPhone or Android phone can pre-order the ZNAPS adapter for $9, or they can fund the Kickstarter campaign, choose a custom pledge, and get their ZNAPS adapter at the end of November or in December.