How to Change Workout Units on Apple Watch From Miles to Kilometers

apple watch swimming app

The Apple Watch has been a fantastic tool for tracking your daily health and fitness metrics, as well as tracking more intense workouts and activities.

If you were ever looking to change the metric units in the Workouts app from miles to kilometers, you will know that it is hard to find on the Apple Watch. The metrics change can be done on the companion iPhone app fairly easily, but if you are looking to change them directly from your Apple Watch follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Workouts app on your Apple Watch
2. Select a workout and swipe to the screen that shows your distance goal
3. Force tapping on this screen will give you the option to switch to miles or kilometers
4. Tap MI or KM (depending on your preference)

The Apple Watch comes with a variety of health and fitness features, including the Workout and Activity apps. Out of the box, the device uses your personal information (age, height, gender, and weight) to calculate a variety of metrics for your workouts and daily activity.

Overall, the health and fitness features on the Apple Watch are my personal favourite part of the device. The ability to gather all this useful information and have it displayed in a graphical interface on your wrist is wonderful. I’m excited to see what Apple does in future software updates to the device.

[via Kirkville]