42% of iPhone 6 Owners Used Apple Pay in the US

While Canadian mobile payment adoption is very low, US-based iPhone 6 owners seem to love Apple Pay, although the lack of opportunities to use it interfere with their willingness to pay using the latest technology, says Auriemma Consulting Group in a recent report (via iPhonote).


As it turns out, there is a stable Apple Pay user base in the US: 42% of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus owners have used it, slightly down from the 46% reported two months ago, but similar to what the Auriemma Consulting Group recorded in February 2015.

After surveying 500 iPhone 6/6 Plus owners (they do that every eight weeks, by the way) the consulting firm has found that 84% have paid for goods using Apple Pay in stores more than three times, and that 76% have used it more than three times in-app.

“It’s likely that the number of retailers accepting Apple Pay will expand, especially as merchants hear from these customers and look at their purchasing power. Seventy per cent of Apple Pay users state that they are more likely to choose a store that accepts Apple Pay,” says Marianne Berry, Managing Director of ACG’s Payment Insights practice, “and this group is even more affluent than the overall Apple phone owner population.”

The firm also noted that merchant acceptance heavily contributes to the adoption rate: Back in April, they found that only 13% of Apple Pay users had used it in more than six stores, a number that had almost doubled by June, to 24%.