New Apple TV Streaming Video Service Likely a Wildcard, Analyst Says

The long-overdue Apple TV refresh is rumoured to be arriving next month (it was rumoured for June but didn’t come to fruition, as Apple changed its plans at the last minute), so here is what Apple analyst Gene Munster thinks it will incorporate (via Fortune).


Before getting to his predictions, we must note that this is the same analyst who for years claimed that Apple was preparing a television set. He admitted he was wrong earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean he is not familiar with the territory.

So, here is what Gene Munster thinks about the new Apple TV finally launching this September. In a note issued to investors this Thursday, he believes the new set-top box will incorporate Siri, HomeKit, and possibly an Apple TV app store, and a touch-screen remote.

You may recall that, speaking with Wired, Jimmy Iovine hinted at possible content curation for the Apple TV, and Gene Munster believes this could be part of the service pack users will receive with the new device.

As for content offerings, the analyst says this will likely be a wildcard, although he continues to expect live streaming video. However, he believes there is only a 50/50 chance that Apple will unveil such a service this fall at the iPhone event. Potential content would include the majority of the network channels plus major cable offerings such as ESPN, AMC, TNT and TBS, he writes.

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