TELUS iPad mini 4 Sales Launch with 16GB and 64GB Models

If you’re looking to buy a cellular iPad mini 4 from TELUS, the company launched sales on Friday. Right now, the 16GB and 64GB versions are available on two-year TELUS Easy Tablet plans, starting at $100 and $210 respectively. The iPad mini 4 isn’t listed on the company’s website yet, but we were informed of the addition via email.

The TELUS Easy Tablet plan allows customers to pay off their device balance over two years, at the rate of $20 per month, after paying a portion up front.

A tablet data plan is required, via the company’s Flex Data Plan for Tablets or a TELUS Your Choice plan.

The Flex Data Plan for Tablets is priced as follows:

  • $5 for 10MB
  • $15 for up to 200MB
  • $25 up to 1GB
  • $35 up to 2GB
  • $45 up to 5GB
  • Data overages: $0.05/MB (or $50/1GB); US roaming at $5/MB

The other option is a $5 add-on with your TELUS Your Choice plan, which allows your iPad to share your existing SharePlus plan.

Also, TELUS says they have a “limited time offer” for the entry iPad Air, iPad 2 and iPad Air 2 64GB, on sale for $0, $110 and $220 respectively on a two-year TELUS Easy Tablet plan:

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Let us know if you’re going to be jumping on any iPads from TELUS. While the Easy Tablet plan can be convenient, the expectation is you’ll be using lots of data per month, at the cost of being able to finance your cellular iPad over two years.