‘Dfree’ Smart Device Fits in Underwear, Tells When It’s Toilet Time [VIDEO]


A Japanese company that goes by the name of Triple W Japan has invented a new smart device called ‘Dfree’, that fits on your underwear and tracks your bowel movements, and will let you know ahead of time on your smartphone (it supports iPhone) when you will need to go to the toilet, Reuters reports. The company claims that the device will come in handy for people who suffer from faecal incontinence.

“This device predicts faecal excretion. The device goes on your stomach and uses ultrasonic waves to monitor your internal organs and sends the data to smartphones to be displayed,” said Ryohei Ochiai, of Triple W Japan’s Solution Development. However, the company is still working on alternative methods to secure the device to underwear, because many people are concerned that it may chafe their skin.

“We are still in the process of looking at whether to use tape or belts to secure the device to the stomach. However, many elderly people are concerned about skin chafing. So we are looking at how to secure the device safely and solidly,” Ochiai said.

43-year old Naoki Wadamori, a teacher and resident of Tokyo, said that this device would also be great for elderly people who are not ready to use diapers but need them.

The device was unveiled last week at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) in Tokyo and is not yet on sale, but is expected to be on the market by spring next year. Check out the following video to get a better idea about Dfree.