Trip to Disneyland Shot and Edited in 4K Using Apple’s iPhone 6s [VIDEO]


Filmmaker’s blog Hello Tomorrow has posted a 4K video of a trip to Disneyland that was completely shot and edited using Apple’s iPhone 6s. Given that Disneyland is full of different settings and lighting situations, it is definitely a good place to test the quality of a camera.

The entire film (shown below) was shot using the Filmic Pro app. The app was chosen because it was able to shoot in 24fps and also gave the benefit of shooting 4K time-lapse video. The video was also recorded while the iPhone was handheld, except for the time-lapse shots where they used a mini tripod.

The video was edited using iMovie for iOS, which seemed to work really well when it comes to basic video editing. The post also notes that they used Chromic to perform some colour touch ups.

“The editing was done in iMovie for iOS. At first I was pretty hesitant to use this app for the film. The learning curve wasn’t very steep but I’m pretty set in my ways when it comes to my editing workflow. But when it comes to straight forward editing to a song, iMovie works a treat. We also used Chromic to add a little colour touch up.”

What do you think of the video quality from the iPhone 6s? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Twitter]

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