Rogers, Fido, TELUS, Koodo, WIND Offer Free Calls/Texts to Paris [u]

In light of the unfortunate terrorist attacks in Paris from last week, Canadian wireless carriers are offering to help people stay in touch with loved ones.

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image via jean_jullien on Instagram 

Rogers and Fido (update: until midnight tonight) confirmed via email they are offering free calls and texts to Paris, while TELUS/Koodo (until Nov. 28) and WIND Mobile (until Nov. 22) are also currently offering the same.

As you can see missing from the list is Bell and Virgin, which we’ve reached for comment on free calls and texts to Paris, so stay tuned.

Skype is also offering free domestic and International calls to landlines and mobiles in France “for the next few days.”

Google is also offering free calls to France via Hangouts as well, which you can easily do with their iOS app.