Rdio Music Service to Shut Down Worldwide on December 22


Last month, Pandora revealed that it had acquired Rdio’s “key assets” for $75 million, which had filed for bankruptcy. Today, Rdio has issued an official statement that as part of the acquisition, the music streaming service will be shutting down worldwide on December 22, 2015 at approximately 5pm PST. Below is the announcement:

“Thank you. We’re honored to have connected you with the music you love. And we look forward to bringing great music experiences to even more listeners in the future as part of the Pandora team. 

We know you want to find a home for the music you’ve discovered and collected on Rdio, so we’re providing ways for you to take it with you. Visit rdio.com/farewell and log in with your Rdio account for more information. Find export tools and more on the Rdio farewell site.”

Meanwhile, Pandora with its over 80 million users continues to be one of the most popular streaming music services in the U.S., offering its users the ability to listen to free, ad-supported radio stations centered around particular artists or songs rather than offering on-demand listening like Apple Music.

In Canada, Google Play Music recently launched ad-supported radio, using features from acquired startup Songza, similarly set to shut down soon, in early 2016.