Microsoft Considering Smaller, Less Expensive Xbox One as Potential Apple TV Competitor


Microsoft may be gearing up to launch a new Xbox One gaming console in 2016, which is rumoured to be a download-only device that would be noticeable smaller than the current Xbox One.

The console would enter the market as a potential rival to the new Apple TV and would also see a price cut to match the current market of streaming-centric devices. Keeping with the Xbox brand, the slimmer Xbox One would be able to download games from the Windows Store, but the power restraints of a smaller box would likely prevent access to the full Xbox games store. This casual-leaning app marketplace is another category in which the Xbox would compete directly with the new Apple TV.

The report gave no mention as to whether the Siri-like Kinect would be integrated as well so consumers would not have to buy a separate device in order to use voice controls.

Microsoft is reportedly looking at a late 2016 launch for the new Xbox One, which would be sold in concert with current models. Although the Xbox One has seen multiple price cuts, it’s yet to have a major hardware overhaul.

[via Business Insider]