VLC Player for Apple TV Now Available for Download

VideoLAN has finally announced the release of its popular VLC video player app for the new Apple TV, which is now available for download in the tvOS App Store. Like other platforms, the Apple TV version of VLC lets you access all your files and video streams in their native formats without conversions, directly on your fourth generation Apple TV device. The app has every feature and format support you are used to in VLC, as well as some Apple TV specific features.

Apple TV device browse small

With VLC for Apple TV, you can playback all file formats with support for chapters navigation, multiple audio and subtitles tracks. The app is also able to play files from UPnP, Windows shares (SMB), FTP and Plex servers, and is able to automatically download subtitles and artwork. Best of all, VLC on the Apple TV brings a new kind of ‘casting’ that allows you to send your video files directly from any browser or app to the Apple TV.

Unlike any other player on Apple TV so far, VLC supports custom playback speed. VLC is increasingly used to watch talks and documentation in education so it was naturally of high importance for us to include this feature from the start. As part of our cross-platform initiative on improving subtitles support and rendering for VLC’s forthcoming 3.0 desktop release, VLC on the Apple TV displays any kind of text (srt, SSA, WebVTT, …) or bitmap subtitles including full support for Right-to-Left languages like Arabic and Hebrew, complex text layout for Malayalam or other Asian languages.

Finally, VLC for Apple TV includes an innovative feature called Remote Playback a custom way of casting media stored on other computers to the TV using a web browser. A user can drop one or multiple files on the browser to play those instantly, and the copies will remain available in the device cache locally.

You can grab VLC for Apple TV from the tvOS App Store for free right now.