Turnstyle Wi-Fi Loyalty Program Launches at Subway in AB, SK, Northern ON

Turnstyle has launched their Wi-Fi loyalty program at Subway locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario today.

The loyalty program rewards customers who connect to in-store Wi-Fi for the first time, as they instantly get a digital coupon for a free 6-inch sandwich to their phone via email or SMS. Below is what the interface looks like on an iPhone:

Subway splash Subway coupon

For future visits, customers are automatically rewarded with coupons without the need to sign-in again to the loyalty platform, which is opt-in.

Turnstyle’s pilot program last year at 54 locations in Northern Ontario saw 16,000 unique customers sign onto in-store Wi-Fi over 35,000 times in a four month period. Subway saw a 17% redemption rate using this loyalty program, seeing an increased visit frequency of 5.2x from first-time coupon users.

Let us know if you’ve tried this, or would log onto in-store Wi-Fi for a free sandwich.