Apple VP: Force Quitting iOS Apps Has No Impact on Battery Life

Many iOS users (I’ve witnessed a few around me) have grown into a habit of quitting all their background apps in multitasking view frequently, hoping that it would improve the battery life and speed of their iPhone or iPad. To confirm if this actually has any advantage, a user by the name of Caleb sent an email to Tim Cook asking whether he quits all his apps and if this has any impact on performance (via 9to5Mac).

Screen shot 2016 03 10 at 13 34 00

The guy was lucky enough to get a reply from Apple iOS chief Craig Federighi, whose short but succinct reply was ‘No and No’… After answering the question, he thanks Caleb for being an Apple customer. Below is his email reply, which has been verified by the source for legitimacy:

Screen shot 2016 03 10 at 13 33 49

So there you have it, a simple understanding of how iOS multitasking works shows it is completely unnecessary to close every app in the multitasking view, which we’ve all heard before.