iOS Multitasking Video Clarifies Why ‘Killing’ Apps Isn’t Necessary

Earlier we further learned about iOS multitasking as detailed in a post by Fraser Speirs. As much as the debate continues about whether or not we need to ‘kill’ apps in the multitasking tray, Speirs has now posted a detailed video of how iOS multitasking works as we get to see memory and CPU management in real time on his iPad.

There are five sections to this video demonstrating:

  • An app going from active to background to suspended
  • Instacast HD requesting extra background time to finish a podcast download
  • TomTom running indefinitely in the background
  • Batman Arkham City Lockdown and Real Racing 2 HD competing for big chunks of device memory
  • Batman Arkham City Lockdown forcing several smaller apps out of memory

His conclusion remains that force closing apps is fine for troubleshooting but should not be required as a regular routine.

Check out his 17 minute video below and tell me what you think: