Alberta Man’s Life Saved by Apple Watch

Dennis Anselmo, a 62-year old from Morinville, Alberta, credits his Apple Watch for saving his life last August. The builder thought he was having a fever but when he looked at his Apple Watch, his heart rate showed 210 beats per minute.

Anselmo told The Sun, “I was building a fence placing posts in the ground. We finished lunch at 1.15 and was back to work,” adding “I felt terrible – like I had a really bad flu. I worked for maybe ten minutes but said to my helper I need to sit down.”

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As he sat in the trailer, he started checking his pulse on his Apple Watch, which he had owned for only two weeks at the time, saying “Most people are 55 to 75. I brought it up and – and it was 210 bbm.” That’s when he immediately told his helper they needed to call an ambulance.

Turns out Anselmo was having a heart attack, and was quickly taken to hospital where blockages in his arteries were cleared. Doctors told him if he had gone home and went to bed, he most likely would have had a second heart attack, which could have been fatal.

Anselmo is an avid watch collector, owning 35 of them, with his wife almost preventing him from buying his Apple Watch. Ever since the incident, she no longer complains about his hobby, other than to say “that watch has paid for itself.”