WIND Mobile Promo: $40 Unlimited Canada-Wide Plan with 5GB Data

WIND Mobile has launched a new $40 promo plan, which offers 5GB of full-speed data (3GB plus 2GB bonus), to go with its unlimited Canada-wide calling, global texting and SMS/MMS.

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The plan includes the usual Voicemail+, Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding and Call Waiting.

While the price of this plan is cheaper than anything you can get from the Big 3, decent network coverage remains an issue. WIND Mobile continues to upgrade its network, with a 4G LTE coming soon with the help of Nokia.

WIND looks to have moved away from its legacy offers of ‘unlimited’ data (5GB full-speed), which was available at one point for $29 and included talk and text. Prices are slowly creeping up, but overall network coverage remains the same, despite recent upgrades in Vancouver last month and ongoing work in Calgary.

Earlier this month, Shaw officially completed its acquisition of WIND Mobile.

The promo goes until March 31, 2016.

[via RFD]