Casestudi Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Sale for 50% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]

Bluetooth keyboards are nice, except when they’re too bulky and you can’t take them with you. That’s why the Casestudi Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is going to change the game, as its compact size means you can take it anywhere, anytime. Right now, it’s on sale in our Deals Store for 50% off at $29.99 USD, which includes free shipping to Canada and beyond.

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  • Connect to your tablet, phone, or other Bluetooth device
  • Fold into a compact rectangle for easy transport
  • Easily compose longer pieces of writing on-the-go
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This keyboard works with any Bluetooth device, whether it’s iOS, Android or Windows. Increase your productivity on your iPhone or iPad by taking this portable keyboard with you everywhere!

Click here to jump on the Casestudi Folding Bluetooth Keyboard while it’s still available—deal ends in one day.