STAMP Premium Music App on Sale for 50% off at $4.99 [Deals]

STAMP helps users easily transfer favourite playlists between streaming services, such as Spotify or Apple Music. Instead of moving songs manually and recreating playlists, STAMP can automatically search and import music for you. The premium subscription is currently on sale for 50% off at $4.99 USD in our Deals Store.



  • Moves your songs & playlists across various services
  • Allows you to pause & restart the import whenever you want
  • Saves at least 10 hours of continuous work when you move an average of 1200 songs
  • Moves music to Apple Music, Google Play & Spotify
  • Moves music from Spotify, Apple Music, GooglePlay, Rdio, YouTube, CSV & Deezer

Stamp also is available for iOS, Mac and PC, so you can access it anywhere. The Premium version allows for unlimited songs/playlists per session.

Click here to jump on STAMP Premium while it’s still available.