Uber Proposes Compromise to Anti-Ridesharing Bill in Quebec

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What was possible in Toronto for Uber wasn’t in Québec: new legislation, Bill 100, likely implemented this summer, would require Uber drivers to comply with the same laws as taxies. Besides threatening that it will leave the region, Uber has a solution to solve the issue, a compromise that would allow it to operate in Québec.

On Monday, Uber proposed the creation and purchase of special ride-sharing permits for its drivers, reports CBC News. That’s a different permit taxi drivers are required to have to work in Québec.

“It’s a licence, but one that isn’t linked to the T plates of the taxi industry,” said Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, general manager of Uber Quebec. “So we take off the T plates and we allow people to use their own cars on the road.”

In an interview with CBC News, Guillemette said he was disappointed by the absence of Québec Transportation Minister Jacques Daoust, the man behind Bill 100. When introducing the legislation, Daoust said Uber and its drivers have a responsibility to fully declare revenues. If they comply, they can stay.

Guillemette says Toronto has walked the right path by passing a rule that allows Uber drivers to operate in the city if they comply with the restrictions. If Bill 100 passes in Québec, it means a dead end for Uber in the region.