Quebec Passes Bill 100 to Regulate Uber


Today, Quebec’s National Assembly has passed a bill aimed at regulating the ride-sharing app Uber.

Quebec Solidaire had originally planned on backing Bill 100 but reversed course, saying the Liberals were shutting out their amendments. In a statement, QS MNA Amir Khadir said:

“The government has betrayed its word.”

The Liberals used their majority to end debate on the legislation and forced a vote late Friday. Liberal House Leader Jean-Marc Fournier said he was perplexed by QS’s decision not to back the bill. In a statement, Fournier said:

“Last night, they consented, they knew what the bill was about. It was the end. There’s no change. So ask them why they are not respecting their engagement. That’s for them to answer.”

However, Coalition Avenir Quebec Leader Francois Legault said his party deserves credit for pushing the Liberals into engaging with Uber on the pilot project.

[via CBC News]