Siri Query Returns Response About Mac OS X Finder App


Just a few days before Apple is expected to reveal Siri for Mac OS X, a query to the personal assistant returns a response that mentions the OS X Finder app.

When asked the specific question “Siri open settings in the window,” Siri for iOS responds with: “It doesn’t look like you have an app named ‘Finder’.” The response was first spotted by Brian Roemmele.

Of course, there is no Finder app for iOS, only the Mac operating system, OS X. So the response from Siri most likely means that Apple’s servers are being updated to handle Siri input on the Mac.

During Apple’s keynote presentation on Monday, the company is highly anticipated to announce that Siri will be coming to the Mac. In particular, it is believed that Apple will announce an SDK that will allow third-party developers to build interactions for Siri.

This year’s keynote event will feature the debut of iOS 10 and OS X 10.12, along with new versions of watchOS and tvOS. The event may also feature details about Apple’s App Store changes, and we could see updates to some services, like Apple Pay.

On Monday, Apple will be live streaming the keynote via their app on the Apple TV and through the web on iOS and Mac OS X.

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