‘Microsoft Flow’ Workflow Management App Launches for iOS

Over a month ago, Microsoft launched a new workflow management tool called ‘Microsoft Flow’ as a direct competitor to IFTTT, offering an interface that lets you combine two or more cloud services in order to create workflows. Today, the tool has been released for iOS, allowing users to automate file synchronization, alerting, data organization and much more on-the-go.


With the Microsoft Flow iOS app, you can stay connected to your flows from your mobile device. The app lets you view flow properties and definition, turn flows on or off from wherever you are, or review detailed run history reports. Users can also stay up-to-date on all flow activities from a central location, the Activity Feed. The feed helps you detect quickly which flows require your attention and what actions you need to take. You can also easily view and filter your runs or your notifications using the Flow app.

Users can also get a push notification while a flow is running that will include details and a customized link to investigate further. This makes it possible to track important flows and quickly diagnose any issues in real-time. Check out the following video for a good idea:

YouTube video

Download Microsoft Flow for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]