Facebook’s Redesigned Like Button Increases Page Likes

Like button New vs Old 0

Facebook has today announced on its developers page that it is introducing a redesigned version of its Like button with the “f” logo found on millions of pages around the web. “The Like button is one of our most iconic products with over 10 billion views each day across millions of websites”. The new icon ditches Facebook’s company logo in favor of a thumbs-up icon, which according to Facebook, has resulted in 6% increase in likes.

“Our hypothesis was that more people would recognize the thumbs-up icon on the like button, so we conducted qualitative and quantitative tests to measure them side by side. The results revealed a 6 percent increase in likes, so we are switching the like button from the Facebook ‘f’ logo to the thumbs-up icon.”

Furthermore, new versions of all of Facebook’s Social Plugin buttons are now available, which are mobile friendly, feature a much clearer design and are backwards compatible. The company has also said that in the next few weeks, Instant Articles publishers will be able to add Like, Comment, and Share buttons to the bottom of their Instant Articles, and interactions with these buttons will be included in aggregate Like and Share counts.

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Lastly, the social networking giant is making it easier for people to both Share and Save with its new Chrome extensions, Share to Facebook and Save to Facebook.