Apple Music Rolls Out iTunes Match with Free Audio Fingerprint

Apple is quietly fixing one of the major issues Apple Music subscribers have been complaining about: the service didn’t properly match the songs they already had in their iTunes Music libraries.

Apple music

Now The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple is reporting that Apple has been rolling out the iTunes Match audio fingerprint to all Apple Music subscribers replacing the less accurate metadata from the previous version of iTunes Match on Apple Music.

The new version of iTunes Match — with audio fingerprint — will rematch the right song, without trashing the downloaded copies of songs users already have in their iTunes library. Apple Music users will get the new version of iTunes Match without paying anything extra, eliminating the need to hold on to their iTunes Match subscription. Dalrymple, however, is a bit cautious, saying he will keep his Match subscription at least for now — just to be sure, everything remains in place.

According to his sources, Apple is switching over 1% or 2% of its users every day automatically, and will watch the rollout closely.

Now it is up to you whether you want to keep both your iTunes Match and Apple Music subscriptions. Those who don’t have iTunes Match but are Apple Music subscribers will start to see “Matched” in the iCloud status column of iTunes as the rollout completes for their account.