CRTC Seeks Public Input to Review Wireless Code of Conduct

The CRTC wants to hear your feedback regarding the Wireless Code of Conduct, introduced nearly three years ago. The review of the Code will take place at a public hearing on February 6, 2017, in the National Capital Region.

The Wireless Code aimed to force carriers to set out clear language when it came to contracts, eliminate cancellation fees after two years, limit data and roaming charges and more.

Carriers responded by moving to two year terms instead of three, which resulted in higher monthly charges for those on subsidies, since costs are now spread out over 24 months instead of 36.

The CRTC says they are now “evaluating its effectiveness and accepting comments until September 26, 2016”. Canadians can provide feedback through the following ways:

  • filling out the online form;
  • writing to the Secretary General, CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A ON2; or
  • sending a fax to (819) 994-0218 (welcome to 2016, y’all)

Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC, said in a statement “The Wireless Code has helped Canadians better understand their wireless services and make informed choices. While we have been tracking its effectiveness, we want to hear directly from Canadians about their experiences with their service providers and the Code. This will help ensure that it continues to empower Canadians in an ever-changing wireless marketplace.”

Now that we’re three years into the Wireless Code—what do you think of it?