‘iPhone 7’ Carrier Availability May Be as Late as September 23 [Report]

Although an official announcement has not yet been made, Apple is widely believed to unveil its upcoming flagship ‘iPhone 7’ next month with pre-orders expected to kick off on September 9, 2015. According to 9to5Mac’s latest report, a leaked AT&T retail schedule (shown below) detailing upcoming merchandising reset hours, hints at when we might get our hands on ‘iPhone 7’ from the carriers.

At t iphone 7 launch

Based on recent reports, it is being speculated that Apple’s September event will be held on September 7, two days after Labor Day and two days before pre-orders. In the light of AT&T’s retail schedule, it is safe to assume that pre-orders are planned for September 9 as expected, while the new iPhone models will hit the shelves on September 23, which is a week later than previously expected date of September 16.

“Put in historical context, both the September 16 and September 23 release dates are possible based on September 9 pre-orders. In 2014, the iPhone 6 launched on September 19 after a September 12 pre-order (7 days); and in 2015, the iPhone 6s launched on September 25 after a September 12 pre-order (13 days) so either a one week or two week period between pre-orders and launch is possible”.

With Canada previously having the same launch schedule as the U.S., it is also safe to predict that the same launch dates will apply here as well. We’ll however only know for sure once Apple officially announces the keynote event, most likely by next week.