Apple Introduces New Positions at its Retail Stores, Revises Credo

In a series of meetings with its employees over the weekend, Apple has introduced new and renamed positions at its retail stores, in addition to a new credo and revamped store layouts, MacRumors is reporting. Citing multiple retail sources, the report claims that Apple is implementing three new retail positions, including two pro-level positions and an all-new Technical Expert position.

Apple retail

Here are the three new retail positions being introduced by Apple:

  • Pro: A new sales position above Expert. These employees are considered the most knowledgable about Apple products and services.
  • Creative Pro: A new learning position above Creative. These employees are considered the most knowledgable about Apple products and services.
  • Technical Expert: An all-new customer support position in between Technical Specialist and Genius. These employees will be able to provide mobile repairs, a task previously limited to Geniuses, and troubleshooting for software and products like the Apple Watch and Apple TV. The position will help reduce Genius Bar/Grove and service wait times.

Apple has also renamed the following retail positions:

  • Red Zone Specialist ? Specialist
  • Family Room Specialist ? Technical Specialist
  • Business Specialist ? Business Expert
  • Back-of-House Specialist ? Operations Specialist
  • Inventory Specialist ? Operations Pro 

Below is Apple’s updated credo, a motto that the company encourages its retail employees to follow:

? Enriching lives. 

We are here to enrich lives.
To help dreamers become doers,
to help passion expand human potential,
to do the best work of our lives. 


We give more than we take. 
From the planet, 
to the person beside us. 
We become a place to belong
where everyone is welcome. 

We draw strength from our differences. 
From background and perspective 
to collaboration and debate. 
We are open.

We redefine expectations. 
First for ourselves, then for the world. 
Because we’re a little crazy. 
Because “good enough” isn’t. 
Because what we do says who we are. 

We find courage. 
To try and to fail, 
to learn and to grow, 
to figure out what’s next, 
to imagine the unimaginable,
to do it all over again tomorrow. 


We believe our soul is our people. 
People who recognize themselves 
in each other. 
People who shine a spotlight only to stand outside it. 
People who work to leave this world better than they found it. 
People who live to enrich lives.

The new changes are being rolled out at Apple stores in the U.S., the U.K. and other countries as well.

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