Rogers Radio Announces New Partnership with Shazam to Create New Daily Show


After facing competition from Google and Microsoft, music identification app Shazam is looking to diversify its offerings by expanding into the entertainment space.

Today, Rogers announced that it will begin collaborating with the music identification app to create a daily show titled ‘The Shazam @ 7 Countdown.’ The show will air at 7 p.m. local time on Toronto’s KISS 92.5, Edmonton’s 91.7 THE BOUNCE and Vancouver’s KiSS RADIO.

The show will highlight top seven songs of the day, with a list comprised of songs from the most recently Shazam’d songs list and trending songs across the country. The press release, which was sent to us by email, describes it as ‘unique, targeted data’ from each individual market.

In a statement, Senior Vice President of Rogers Radio Julie Adam said:

“We’re always striving to deliver innovative and engaging experiences and opportunities for both our listeners and our clients, and this partnership with Shazam checks every box. I use my Shazam app all the time. It’s a complete game changer for discovering the songs we love, and allows us to really cater to the different tastes of our local listeners to bring them even more of the music they want in real time. There are definitely more exciting announcements to come as this partnership continues to evolve.”

The show will be accessible on each station’s official website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and apps for iOS [Kiss 92.5, 91.7 The Bounce] and Android (phones and tablets).