Twitter Launches DM Read Receipts by Default: How to Disable Them

Twitter this morning launched new group messaging features for Direct Messages, allowing the service to act more like Facebook Messenger and other group chat apps.

You can now DM multiple people, while read receipts are now enabled by default to show who has viewed the message, indicated by a tick mark. There are also now indicators to show when someone is typing as well.

Screenshot 2016 09 08 11 55 35

However, if you don’t use Twitter for group messages, but get the occasional DM, do note read receipts are turned on right now. Sometimes you want privacy, so here’s how to disable read receipts:

1. Go to on the web. Click on your Profile in top right, then go to Settings.

Screenshot 2016 09 08 12 13 19

2. Choose Security and Privacy. Scroll to the very bottom and untick “Send/Receive Read Receipts” and click Save changes. That’s it.

Screenshot 2016 09 08 11 48 06

You can also choose to disable being added to groups too, if you want.

Anyways, let us know if this works for you and whether or not you like these new group DM features in Twitter.