Apple Music Now Part of Videotron’s ‘Unlimited Music’ Service

Quebec carrier Videotron launched its Unlimited Music service last year, which allows customers to stream from popular music services without using data from their plans. The service appears to be very popular, despite opposition from consumer groups over allegations of violating net neutrality.

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Currently, Unlimited Music supports the following streaming music services: Google Play Musique, Spotify, Deezer, Stingray Musique, 8tracks, Groove, Slacker2, Jazz Radio, Digitally Imported, Jango, Bandcamp, Rock Radio, Radio Tune and Analekta.

However, one major streaming service has been quietly added: Apple Music. That’s right, the service right now supports streaming of Apple Music, and according to Videotron–an official announcement is coming soon.

iPhone in Canada user Mario confirmed he was able to stream Apple Music without having it affect his data plan, as shown within his account details on the web. He also stated with his tests, high quality streaming (in iOS settings) doesn’t consume data, despite Videotron saying only regular quality streaming is supported.

Plans that include the Unlimited Music option start at $65.95/month for 2GB of data with unlimited nationwide calling, plus unlimited international SMS/MMS, call display and voicemail.

Anyone out there using Videotron’s Unlimited Music?