TELUS Promo: Up to 10,000 SCENE Points with Activations or Renewals

Telus has brought back a promo where those renewing or activating a smartphone on select two-year plans can get up to 10,000 SCENE points, which can be redeemed for free movie tickets or more.

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The promo currently running means renewal or activations must take place between November 4 to November 23, while those that quality must enter details over at by December 7, 2016.

Here’s the kicker—Telus is offering customers in Ontario 10,000 SCENE points, while every other province or territory only gets 5,000. What gives, Telus!

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In B.C., 1000 SCENE points net you a free general admission ticket, while a 3D/IMAX ticket requires 1500 SCENE points. So you’ll gain $51.25 in free movie tickets here in B.C., while those in Ontario, will gain $135 (based on general admission tickets at $13.50/pop).

This promo pops up periodically so it’s not exactly new.

Again, if you like two year contract and were about to renew or activate a new line, this is a small bonus for signing on the dotted line. Otherwise, you may be better off joining Telus-owned Public Mobile, which has a promo $38/4GB plan right now until November 20, 2016.