Phil Schiller Defends Apple’s Decision to Limit RAM on New MacBook Pro


Apple’s new MacBook Pro has been experience quite a bit of criticism over the lack of RAM options beyond 16GB.

In a statement to MacDaddy, Apple’s Phil Schiller responded to the question about the lack of RAM, saying that including support for more than 16GB would have reduced space for the battery.

“The MacBook Pro uses 16GB of very fast LPDDR memory, up to 2133MHZ. To support 32GB of memory would require using DDR memory that is now low power and also require a different design of the logic board which might reduce space for batteries. Both factors would reduce battery life.”

This answer falls in line with Apple’s previous answers to the question. LPDDR3 RAM, which is more efficient than other options Apple had to choose from, caps out at 16GB. Anything higher than that and Apple would have to use a different CPU.

Schiller also took the opportunity to correct two inaccuracies reported by MacDaddy:

1. An error in the details: The MacBook Pro uses 2133MHz RAM, not 1866MHz as stated at the top of this article.
2. An omission in this article: Not only would support of 32GB require usage of desktop class DDR4 memory (and come with all of the issues described above), but it would also require a different logic board design.

Apple’s decision is even more justified when considering the energy usage. Have you purchased the new MacBook Pro? Have you experienced any performance issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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