Users Report GPU Glitches in 2016 MacBook Pro Models [VIDEO]

A number of early recipients of the latest 2016 MacBook Pros are reporting various GPU glitches, such as ‘tearing’ of the display, where the desktop background starts showing through foreground windows across all apps. Users are reporting a variety of different issues, ranging from random red or black bars to unrecoverable crashes (via 9to5Mac).


One common experience reported by new MacBook Pro owners is noticed while using Adobe software like Premiere Pro, specifically Adobe Media Encoder. Here’s what the users wrote:

When I used the Adobe Media Encoder the graphics card freaked out and computer crashed.


Mine is doing the exact same thing in Adobe Premier.


Same thing happened to me. Change the render engine to metal or software only. I’ve been working with adobe but no fix yet.

Similarly, some users are reporting problems when using the native Photos app, with more than one affected user reporting showing up in kernal panic logs.

I was letting Photos do its thing syncing 13k images, and all of a sudden the whole system locked up and was flashing violently with red/green hues and a sort of checkerboard pattern.


Do you have iCloud Photo Library activated? For me the panics occur when the upload process runs and “ImageConversionService” maxes out the GPU.


All the .gpurestart and kernel panic logs in Console point to an interaction between “” and the discrete video card.

Check out the video below showing one such GPU problem, and tell us if you’re experiencing anything similar on your new MacBook Pro.

YouTube video

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