Why the New MacBook Pro Might Be Great for Hackers

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In an interesting writeup at MediumAdam Geitgey has shared his thoughts on why the new MacBook Pro is the most expandable computer Apple has ever made, and how the USB-C makes so many new things possible, turning the laptop into a “hacker’s dream”.

He notes that you can even use its usb charger to charge other devices such as a Google Nexus 6P, which also uses a USB-C port. Similarly, you can charge the new MacBook Pro with other USB-C chargers.

And gone are the days where you have to spend $90 to buy an official MBP charger from Apple. You can buy any USB-C charger with enough power output and use it with your MBP. You can even charge your MBP and phone together from one of those generic portable USB-C backup batteries. 

Geitgey also points out how users have been complaining that you have to carry around a bag of dongles in order to plug in your external devices.

I think people are thinking of these dongles as a useless Apple tax they have to pay in order to use their devices with the latest Mac. But that’s not exactly the case. These “dongles” are generic USB-C devices. They work with any USB-C device.

This means you can take that same USB-C Ethernet adapter you have for your MBP and plug it right into your cell phone.

Universal sharing of accessories between devices is a hacker’s dream. It’s the exact opposite opposite of vendor lock-in. You can just plug anything into anything and it (mostly) works.

He shares tons of fun examples of what you can do with USB-C on the New MacBook Pro. Hit up this link to read the entire article.