Watch Nintendo’s New ‘Super Mario Run’ Gameplay Trailer and Ad [VIDEOS]

We’re just over a week away from Nintendo’s huge splash onto the iPhone with Super Mario Run, a mobile title launching exclusively with Apple.

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The company has uploaded a new Super Mario Run gameplay trailer and ad. The gameplay teaser below shows off just over three minutes of gameplay explaining how to play the game on your iPhone, which is geared towards a one-handed experience.

The ad below showcases how Super Mario Run is set to launch worldwide on December 15 and everybody is highly anticipating its release across the globe:

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto explained back in September why Super Mario Run is going to debut on Apple first, citing easy compatibility for the game across multiple devices. You can read his latest interview with TIME discussing the game here.

Earlier this evening, the press embargo on early Super Mario Run reviews was lifted, with publications such as Engadget sharing their quick hands-on experiences.

Apple also debuted a new push notification system for Nintendo and Super Mario Run, so users can be notified when the game is available for download in their country. Click here to get notified via the App Store.

Super Mario Run for iPhone will have a free version to let users try each of the various game modes, but the full game will cost $13.99 CAD.