Instagram Stories Get Stickers, Hands-Free Shooting and More

Instagram has today announced a new set of tools for Instagram Stories, including stickers, a new ‘Hands-Free’ video shooting mode, as well as the ability to add as much text as you’d like, and also save stories from the past day as a video. Holiday stickers are also available for the next few weeks, but will be replaced with more permanent stickers in 2017.


The updated Instagram iOS app lets you add stickers for things like the weather, your current location and the time in photos and videos that appear in your story. The new ‘Hands-Free’ feature lets you shoot videos just by tapping on the screen. Whether you’re playing a guitar solo, building a snowman or perfecting your handstand, there’s no need to press and hold.

Holiday Fun

You’ll see a set of holiday stickers available for the next few weeks. A special candy cane brush brings a sweet addition to your drawing tools, and keep an eye out for another set of stickers to ring in the new year!

And More!

You can add as much text to your photo or video as you’d like — simply keep tapping the text button to add more. Choose between left, center and right justified text, and a new slider lets you adjust size easily with automatic text wrap.

To learn more about today’s updates, check out the Instagram Help Center.