Medical AI App ‘Ada’ Brings Next-Level Health Care to Canadians

Medical artificial intelligence (AI) app ‘Ada’, which has already grown to become the top medical app in Canada, is bringing next-level health care technology to doctors, patients and community health, by enabling Canadians to assess and monitor their personal health through sophisticated AI technology. As users engage with it, Ada grows smarter providing more accurate assessments, helping patients and doctors monitor health situations over time.


Ada has been developed by a team of medical doctors and scientists, and intelligently checks symptoms by asking simple and individualized questions. The app becomes smarter as it becomes familiar with the user’s medical history. A detailed symptom assessment report is generated by analyzing all the symptom information provided by users, which can then be shared with the user’s doctor. “What’s special about Ada is the level of detail and personalization of each interaction,” said Dr. Claire Novorol, Ada Health Co-founder.

“While the topic of machine learning and AI comes with some unknowns, in the medical field, we know the future of AI is bright and the possibilities are endless,” said Daniel Nathrath, Ada Health co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re at the forefront of something special. Ada continues to get smarter with each passing day. At a time when health care resources are limited, Ada can work in concert with doctors to alleviate strain and allow them to focus on their core competencies.”

Notable features & benefits for doctors include:

  • Earlier and better health assessment through a sophisticated decision support system.
  • Ada generates detailed symptom assessment reports that users are able to share with their doctors in advance, or during office visits.

Notable features & benefits for individuals and community health include:

  • Allows individuals to check almost any symptom by answering simple, personalized questions about their health.
  • Builds and stores an overview of users’ health situation (i.e. allergies, medications, symptoms) – secure, up to date, and accessible from their pocket.
  • Allows users to track the health of loved ones through a multi-profile management platform – ideal for parents with young children, and adults with aging parents.
  • Makes the most of the user’s time spent in the doctor’s office.
  • Access to high quality health information and care for everyone in the world.

For more information on Ada, hit up this link.

Download Ada for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [Direct Link]