Apple CEO Tim Cook Wins Newseum’s Free Expression Award

On Thursday, Washington, D.C.-based museum and advocacy group Newseum named Apple CEO Tim Cook the winner of its 2017 Free Expression Award in the Free Speech category.

The group praised Cook for his company’s communications technology as well as his stances on social and political issues. People who win the award “have taken personal or professional risks in sharing critical information with the public.”

Cook is set to attend an awards event that is scheduled for April 18. The museum specifically highlighted the executive’s stances on “racial equality, privacy, protecting the environment, access to education and LGBT rights.”

The CEO is perhaps best known for his positions on privacy, having famously refused to help the FBI write a backdoor into iOS, which it wanted to access data on the iPhone of San Bernardino shooter.

Some other notable winners this year include U.S. Representative John Lewis, who will pick up a Lifetime Achievement Award.