Freedom Mobile’s U.S. Data Roaming Outage Gets Trolled Hard by Public Mobile

Freedom Mobile customers started suffered from U.S. data roaming outages for well over a week, as users could not connect with U.S. roaming partner AT&T. The outage appears to have been fixed now, but it left numerous users without data roaming while on vacation or business down in the States.

Users took to social media to complain to Shaw-owned Freedom Mobile, such as the following on their Facebook page, where one customer cited having zero service for nearly a week, with no real explanation from the company:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 19 17 03

Meanwhile, on Twitter, one Public Mobile social media rep (named H.H.) ingeniously jumped in and started hijacking Freedom Mobile’s @replies, trying to convince users to switch over to the Telus-owned network. Freedom Mobile couldn’t handle it, and basically started tweeting back to @Telus and @Koodo for the shade being thrown.

Here are some of the hilarious back and forth responses:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 18 53 33

…and more:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 18 53 59

…and some more:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 18 54 24

Some of these were pretty funny:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 18 54 40

Instead of thinking of witty comebacks, Freedom Mobile was essentially trying to get parent company Telus and Koodo involved:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 18 55 56

..and more:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 18 56 45

…and some more:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 18 57 25

Come on Freedom Mobile, you need to work on that social media trash talk game like everybody else:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 18 57 58

This was probably the best and only real response from Freedom Mobile, other than playing victim in the other tweets:

Screenshot 2017 02 02 18 58 26

Anyways, we’re not trying to put down anyone here, but if you’re going to have a U.S. data outage, sounds like you need to work harder to fix it, because social media can be a cruel world.

If you were affected by downtime from U.S. roaming with Freedom Mobile, contact the company for credit, or file a complaint with the CCTS, as some of their customers have suggested on Facebook.

Anyone out there suffer data outages as part of Freedom Mobile’s U.S. roaming?