Mississauga’s Restaurant Industry Supports Uber in Quest to Build Smart Regulations

Today, Uber has published a letter that they have written to Mississauga city council, which shows the impact of Uber and UberEATS in the city.

UberEATS launched only a few months ago in Mississauga, but it has already seen tremendous success. Restaurants are finding it easier to extend their reach, employ more people, and keep their business up and running.

The restaurant industry in the city has put their support behind Uber and UberEATS. Uber is looking to Mississauga city council to support regulations that allow innovation to survive, which allows taxis and ride-sharing service to co-exist.

Here are some quotes from some restaurant owners:

“For a small business, we face hardship, but there has been really good support from Uber. It’s a necessity for small businesses. It is free advertisement for every restaurant on there, and more access to customers”
Mohammed LaRoche – LaRoche Lebanese Restaurant

“We are an active supporter of UberEATS because it has raised our sales from an empty kitchen to a busy kitchen. This has also helped us hire a couple more employees in the process providing jobs to people who did not have them before.”
Ranjana Sengupta – Mucho Burrito (Dixie)

Uber wants to build a smart framework to support ride-sharing regulations in Mississauga by December 7.