Deal: Get a Lifetime ‘Hushed’ Second Line for iPhone for $25 at 92% Off

Ottawa-based developers of Hushed for iOS offer iPhone (and Android) users the ability to create a second phone number right on their device, allowing you to send and receive phone calls, text messages and more, without the need for a secondary device.

Hushed two

Having a secondary number is convenient when you don’t want to give our your actual number for privacy reasons, whether for personal or business.

For example, when you’re dealing with Craigslist or want a separate line for your Airbnb, using Hushed can make it easy to communicate by masking your real number. Tired of telemarketing spam? Use this burner number instead when filling out online forms or elsewhere.

Want to prank your friends? The included Canadian or U.S. number can make it happen. Don’t want to give out your real number for dating? Use your Hushed number instead.

Hushed is the leader in offering secondary numbers, with over 6 million iOS and Android app downloads and currently 500,000 monthly active users (about 80% of them are iOS). They are currently the top grossing app in the Utility category in the App Store.

This exclusive offer for readers offers the following: 

  • $25 USD one-time payment for lifetime Hushed Canadian or USA number with code HUSHED25 (regularly $30 USD/year; using this for ten years alone would save you $275!)
  • 1100 SMS, 500 minutes included (renews every year for life)
  • Option to change your number once every year
  • Number and plan expires if service unused for six months
  • 30 day money back guarantee

You’ll get call forwarding, customizable voicemail, plus Hushed has no contracts and can be used with WiFi or a data plan.


  • Full access to your phone contact list from your new number (but your caller ID won’t show your real number)
  • Free messages between Hushed users.
  • Activate “Hushed mode” and all your texts, pics and videos are erased!
  • Fully customizable voicemail with personalized greeting.
  • Sharable Hushed PINs for secure, one-time, private conversations
  • Send texts or pictures anywhere in the US.
  • Block calls from showing your caller ID.
  • Slack integration allows you to send texts directly from Slack.
  • Set up super useful Auto-replies: a general response feature that can look for specific keywords to automate text message replies. Great for Airbnb owners!
  • Sync with Dropbox to store texts, voicemails and pictures.

Check out the demo video below:

Once you get the deal, you’ll get login details sent to your email. From here, just download Hushed for iOS and login, then choose from a list of Canadian or U.S. numbers. Once it gets to the part for checking out, select the “FREE” option as listed below and “Buy for Free now”. Voila—lifetime Hushed number at your disposal.

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While there are other free texting apps available in the App Store, Hushed is a premium app that offers more features and comes with a better design and user interface.

Click here to jump on this exclusive Hushed lifetime offer for $25 USD with promo code HUSHED25, while it’s still available. Never get text spam again—save your real number for friends and family.

Hushed is an affiliate partner of—this offer allows readers to support the site and help us keep the lights on.

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