Rock Band Tool in Talks for Apple Music Streaming Deal: Report

Just ahead of the release of their first album in more than a decade, rock band Tool is in talks with Apple and its rival Spotify to make their discography available on streaming services, reports Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter.

Apple music

Up until now, Tool albums have not been available on streaming services. But that could change very soon, as the popularity of such services seems to be escalating. The release date of the albums is still unknown, and the band is commenting on neither media inquiries nor the streaming services.

A lot has happened in the music industry since Tool’s last album release. That was in 2006, when YouTube was just a year-old toddler and not owned by Google. Spotify didn’t exist, only Apple’s iTunes business. And Apple was gearing up for the release of the hardware that revolutionised the smartphone.

Now, YouTube is one of the most popular channels for viewing music videos, Spotify has pioneered music streaming, and Apple is playing catch-up with Apple Music. The Beatles catalog hit streaming services a couple of years ago, and Prince’s discography went online in February.