IFTTT Launches Applets for iOS Calendar and App Store

IFTTT (If this then that) has launched support for the iOS Calendar and App Store, in the form of new applets.

IFTTT app store

After downloading IFTTT for iOS, users will be able to choose from the following applets:

  • Add the daily weather report to your calendar
  • Every day at the time of your choosing, a weather report will be added to your calendar.
  • Get a daily summary of all your new iOS calendar events
  • Every day at 8pm, you’ll get an email with all of the events that have been added to your calendar since 8pm the previous day.
  • Type when you want to start a “Do not disturb” event on your calendar
  • Using the Note widget you can type the specific time to start blocking off your calendar e.g. “Today at 3pm.” The Applet itself will handle the rest of the event creation.
  • Add an event to your iOS Calendar
  • Adds an event to your calendar at the current time.

The App Store applets will allow you to do the following, to keep better tabs on apps:

  • Get an email when a new game breaks into the top ten free apps on the App Store
  • When a new game becomes a top ten free app on the App Store, you’ll get an email immediately.
  • Get a weekly email when an app breaks through to the top ten in its category
  • Select a category and a type of app, then get emailed as soon as the app breaks through to the top ten in the App Store
  • Get a notification when a specific app releases a new update
  • Enter a specific app’s name or the link to its listing on the App Store, get notified of new updates including release notes
The App Store applets will be handy to keep track of your favourite apps for price drops and get notified in real-time.

You can check out the new IFTTT applets here: iOS Calendar; App Store