Town of Innisfil to Fill Void in Public Transit With Uber

The town of Innisfil has a transit problem but instead of going the traditional route they are partnering up with Uber.

Ride-sharing has been a controversial topic in major cities all across North America. Innisfil council approved the partnership with Uber in March. Mayor Gord Wauchope said the decision came after a transit feasibility study was completed in 2015.

The study recommended the town start with a one bus route that would have cost nearly $300,000. But the route would only service a small portion of the town. In 2016, the town’s planning department suggested going with Uber.

Part of the appeal is the lower cost of running Uber versus a traditional transit system. Residents will pay a base fee to travel around the town and the city will foot the bill for the rest of the fare.

Uber will also offer discounted trips to certain destinations in the town. The project is officially slated to launch on May 1st.

[via The Star]