Uber Adds 60 Mapping Cars in Alberta, Quebec to Improve Pickup and Dropoff

Uber has announced new investments in Alberta and Quebec, to improve mapping for their services.

Rolling out today and over the next few weeks, Calgary will see up to 20 Uber mapping cars driving around the city, to enhance maps, which will “allow Calgarians to get around the city faster and will offer them more precise pick-up and drop-off locations.”

Uber says while mobile maps and GPS allow cars to match with riders, these mapping vehicles will gain more insights on “traffic patterns, building entrance locations, and precise pickup and dropoff locations.”

“The street imagery captured by our mapping cars will help us improve core elements of the Uber experience, like ideal pick-up and drop-off points and the best routes for riders and drivers in Calgary. That’s why I’m very proud to see Uber invest meaningfully in our city to better serve the tens of thousands of Calgarians who trust Uber get around town,” said Ramit Kar, Uber Western Canada General Manager.

Quebec will also see mapping vehicles throughout the province, with up to 40 Uber mapping cars driving around the next few weeks.


Manik Gupta, Head of Product, Maps at Uber, said the company is doubling down on their investment in mapping, which will continue to accelerate, especially when self-driving vehicles may debut in the future.