Transport Minister Marc Garneau Considers Making Distracted Driving a Federal Offence

As the summer driving season begins, Transport Minister Marc Garneau has issued several statements regarding distracted driving.

Garneau said that he is concerned about the increasing number of incidents and fatalities on Canadian roads, which are primarily caused by drivers fiddling with their smartphones or other devices. Drivers should be staying completely focused on the road while they are driving.

During an interview in Mexico City on Friday, Garneau said that he is willing to make distracted driving a federal offence. In a statement, Garneau said:

“I’m concerned with the growing number of incidents and accidents involved with distracted driving. It’s largely provincial jurisdiction — unless it’s identified under the Criminal Code, in which case its federal. (But) we should have a conversation about that.”

Garneau was in Mexico to sign a number of agreements, including one to stop threats posed by drones that fly too close to commercial aircraft. He also held discussions about the North American Free Trade Agreement.

[via National Post]